Elizabeth, President, Founder


President, Founder

Elizabeth leads us with over a decade of expertise in business & analytics, a genuine passion for delivering quality service, and a joyful attitude. Early in her career, she worked for Apple (during the Jobs era) which had a powerful and lasting impact that has become a part of her make-up. That, combined with a diverse career path, have taught her to consider a broad set of perspectives on how we grow, interact with, and serve our clients.

Since starting Bancroft Digital, she has worked with more than a dozen Fortune 1000 clients to build and support analytics centers of excellence within each organization through analytics process development, data quality management, data architecture & integrations, reporting automation, analysis, and development of training programs & materials.

Elizabeth is the winner of the Digital Analytics Association “Rising Star” award (2013) and has been an active member in the industry by regularly mentoring college students and analytics colleagues to achieve their career goals. You can find her speaking at conferences such as the Adobe Summit, Marketing Evolution Experience (eMetrics), Accelerate, and ObservePoint Summit.

Every day, Elizabeth looks for ways to make the lives of clients and co-workers better in some way; or finds a moment to stop and praise or celebrate even the smallest of wins. She is the biggest cheerleader and supporter of everyone she interacts with, both personally and professionally, to continually grow, prosper, and be the best they can.

Outside of work, Elizabeth is a voracious reader, is continuously designing & building out more organized spaces in her home, supporting the performing arts, practicing yoga, and always learning or trying something new. Ultimately, you can count on Elizabeth to be joyfully “all in” on whatever she pursues.

Ani, Advisor/Data Architect


Advisor, Data Architecture

If you ever need someone who possesses traits such as integrity, cleverness, and kindness — packaged along with an ocean’s depth of technical expertise — Ani is your guy. Ani has a unique ability to make sure all the little pieces of the puzzle are complete, while maintaining perspective of the big picture. He doesn’t see clients as business types or corporations, he sees them as the people they are, and recognizes the efforts they put forth to serve their own customers.

Correspondingly, Ani takes joy by guiding the Bancroft team to efficiently and effectively serve its clients by advising on the tried, true, or newest methods to harness the power of data. Aside from his guidance at Bancroft, he works for companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Expedia, or ASICS though his company Dynamical.biz or well-known agencies like Analytics Demystified, Cardinal Path or Analytics Pros.

In his off time, you can find Ani cooking up favorite dishes from the remarkable gastronomy of Spain while creating memories with his friends and family around the dinner table, pursuing adventures through hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, studying anything data analysis related or simply wandering the streets of Toronto.

Dot, Project Portfolio Manager


Project Portfolio Manager

Dot not only loves figuring things out, solving problems, and addressing complex challenges — she’s incredibly talented at doing so! Her unique set of experiences have allowed her to learn and contribute so much value to others throughout her life in a way that is uncanny; quite frankly, we call her the ‘queen of everything.’ At Bancroft, she wears many hats centered around organization, communications, and scaling efficiencies. Her ability to ingest large amounts of information that creates order out of the chaos (which often includes color coding) is crucial for our team. She is always on the hunt for the greatest, new, simply-cannot-live-without app, integration, automation tool, or gadget.

Outside of overseeing all project management solutions at Bancroft, she loves entertaining friends and neighbors with tastemaking food and drinks, be it executed per a meticulously designed and color-coded dinner plan, or a last minute call of “What’s for dinner, we’re on the way!” and always delivered with a full helping of southern charm. You can also find Dot planning for her next SCUBA diving trip — something that once terrified her, but she fell in love with — after getting over the fear of her first dive. Dot is a firm believer that Sundays are best meant for naps and snuggles on the couch with her miniature pinscher, Bella, and a good movie or two, especially if it was filmed before she was born.

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